New in store!


New in store!

Trousse casket-shaped bag, perfect as a gift for the holidays :)

Mix of bright colors and warm tones for a Christmas and a New Year .. special.

Our beauty case includes four different eye shadow palette, four super pigmented nail polishes, four satin finish lipsticks, two contouring blushes, one blush, two lip contour pencils, two eye pencils and brushes at will!


Suntan even in winter ?!

With Sibella it is possible thanks to the new tanning effect with pearl finish powder

Very pigmented product that can also be used as a highliter to give a touch of glamour to your makeup :)


Sibella is launching a new Skin Care line! Try out this smooth exfoliating black mask to remove all the imperfections.

Apply it tapping with the fingertips, wait for 20 minutes and finally tear it gently. 



Try our new Silky Foundation!

Its perfect texture and the perfect coverage will be an everyday must.



This colorful palette is perfect for all skin tones.

Check out all new shades!